Frequently Asked Questions

Do you carry out all of the building work or do you sub contract?

As a company we strive to ensure the best. Artisan bathrooms specialise in customer satisfaction by using a tightly formed team consisting of people with different trades and skills. This will be completed by one of the Artisan team as we have plumbers, tiling specialists, electricians and plasterers to name but a few. Artisan Bathrooms will make sure that all of the work undertaken is to the highest standard and of the finest quality.

How much will my bathroom cost?

Every project, design and install differs. We always sit with the customer once a plan has been drawn up. The design team will discuss everything with you at this point – This will cover quotes, time scales and anything associated with the installation. Your bathroom suite will be moulded to the style and budget that suits you best.

How long will it take to install my bathroom?

Bathrooms can take days and weeks to complete. This is usually discussed in the design process before work starts. The time is dependant on the work, materials and size of the project.
We usually take 1 week to 10 days to complete a project. During this time there will be minimum disruption / any negatives associated with building work and there will always be access to a WC

Can an en-suite bathroom be created in my home?

Usually yes. The designer will first need to ensure that once a visit has been undertaken there is enough room to arrange the drainage, hot and cold water and of course, the bedroom is big enough to warrant one.